Meet Amalia L. Cochran, MD, FACS


Amalia L. Cochran, MD, FACS

In addition to her busy schedule as a general surgeon specializing in acute burn care, and associate professor of surgery at University of Utah Health Care, Amalia L. Cochran, MD, FACS, is an active volunteer for the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Cochran has found that the College is closely aligned with her own professional priorities. For her, giving her time to the College and contributing to its philanthropic arm, the ACS Foundation, are opportunities to advance those priorities.

"Participating in the ACS Foundation allows me to tangibly demonstrate my own commitment to the College's goals of improving surgical care and maintaining professional standing of surgeons," Dr. Cochran explains.

She serves as an ACSPA SurgeonsPAC board member and is very excited about the new SurgeonsVoice program developed by the Division of Advocacy and Health Policy.

Dr. Cochran began giving to the ACS Foundation through her working relationship with Dr. Katie Russell, the daughter of Dr. Tom Russell, former ACS Executive Director and ACS Foundation Chair. She made one of her first gifts to the Tom Russell Scholarship Fund, a named scholarship which honors Dr. Russell's commitment to research pursuits of young surgeons.

Dr. Cochran's annual gifts have now led her to include the College in her estate plans, and she considers her gift "part of her civic responsibility as a surgeon and leader." Dr. Cochran is the first member of the ACS Young Fellows Association to confirm her intent of including the College in her bequest.

"The College does so many things to promote our profession and to enhance the care of our patients," she says. "I hope I can convince others to share my philanthropic perspective."

If you're interested in including the College in your estate plans, please contact @[Contact] at @[Phone] or @[Email].

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