His Lasting Legacy: A Commitment to the Future of the College


Frederick W. Plugge

Frederick W. Plugge, IV, MD, FACS, spent most of his professional career serving his country as an Air Force medical officer, rising to the rank of brigadier general and chief of the general surgery service at Malcolm Grow USAF Medical Center, Andrews Air Force base in Maryland. Though Dr. Plugge passed away in 2010, the memory of his generosity and legacy of service to others will continue for years to come, thanks to his simple, yet benevolent act of leaving a gift to the American College of Surgeons in his will.

Growing up in Washington, D.C., Dr. Plugge, or "Fritz," as his friends called him, excelled in his studies at the University of Pennsylvania and decided to pursue a career in medicine, focusing on surgery. In 1978, he was tapped as chief of hospital services of USAF Hospital Wiesbaden, and less than two years later, was named commander in time to oversee the care of the American hostages who were taken captive from the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979. He held other positions with the Air Force following his service in Wiesbaden and retired in October of 1991.

Dr. Plugge became a Fellow of the ACS in 1965 and served on the board of governors from 1990 to 1993. Soon after, he notified the ACS Foundation that a portion of his estate would be designated to the College. Dr. Plugge was particularly interested in the College's efforts in research and scholarships/fellowships.

By leaving the College a certain percentage of his assets through his will, Dr. Plugge ensured that he would be financially secure during his lifetime, while providing for the College's work in the future.

The ACS is tremendously grateful for Dr. Plugge's commitment to the surgical profession and his remarkable philanthropy.

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