Grateful for the ACS, Sharp Gives Back in Many Ways

Ken Sharp

Dr. Ken Sharp

To affirm the Benjamin Franklin truism—"if you want something done, give it to a busy person"— look no further than Kenneth W. Sharp, MD, FACS.

A busy general surgeon, professor of surgery and vice chair of the department of surgery at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Dr. Sharp also represents general surgery in numerous surgical organizations; one example is past President and Secretary Director of the Southeastern Surgical Congress. He serves the American College of Surgeons in multiple capacities, including as officer for the ACS Foundation.

Dr. Sharp's commitment to the College doesn't end with giving of his valuable time. He and his wife, Jane, are also generous Regents Circle donors in the Foundation's Fellows Leadership Society. They recently upgraded their FLS membership with a gift of $1,913 per year for six years to the 1913 Legacy Campaign priority, the Rural Surgery Fund.

"We have valued the chance to support the 1913 Legacy Campaign as an important time to further the philanthropic mission of the ACS, specifically its efforts through the Rural Surgery Advisory Council to keep general surgery alive in rural America," Dr. Sharp says.

Dr. Sharp encourages his peers to join him in giving—to whatever area of the College aligns with their personal values. In fact, he often represents the Foundation at regional surgical meetings, most recently at the ACS Leadership and Advocacy Summit, where nearly $50,000 was raised for the 1913 Legacy Campaign, following Dr. Sharp's motivating presentation.

Summing up why he gives back to the College, Dr. Sharp remarks, "I have benefited enormously from my membership in the ACS. I have enjoyed innumerable educational opportunities and have especially enjoyed the fellowship with other College members. The ACS embodies all that I hold dear about the field of surgery—the noble intention to continuously improve the surgical care of patients, the educational mission and the fellowship of surgeons."

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