ACS Governor Serves Others Through Generous Gifts and Good Works


Danny R. Robinette, MD, FACS, Medical Director of the Surgery Center of Fairbanks, superbly represents his profession and his community of Fairbanks, Alaska, through his active support of both the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the ACS Foundation.

A Fellow since 1992, Dr. Robinette serves the College in a number of capacities including as the Alaskan Representative to the Board of Governors, a member of the PAC Board, and as a member of the ACS Foundation's Annual Giving and Communications Committee. Referring to his life of blessings and fulfillment in both his professional career and family as motive, Dr. Robinette gives back in many different ways, one of which is financial support of the Foundation. He counts serving his patients as a privilege and the College as an embodiment of professional goals and ethics, making philanthropic support of the College a natural extension of service.

"I see many things the Foundation is doing to improve education and training of young surgeons," he says. "The College also provides quality surgical care to underserved areas. These are all vital roles that may be left unfilled or underserved without the Foundation and the College."

In addition to annual contributions, he and his wife, Paula, recently made a generous planned gift commitment, which allows them to support their favorite College programs through the 1913 Legacy Campaign. They will also receive enduring recognition in the ACS Foundation's Mayne Heritage Society.

"I can think of few other organizations which deserve our strong support as members of the profession of surgery," Dr. Robinette says. "Giving to this organization will be a heritage you can be proud of; a gift to the ACS Foundation is a gift to future surgical patients and their surgeons. What could be better?"

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